Os books for download below are in accordance with the copyright laws and have been supplied by the website Public Domain, the Federal Government.

The most visited blog post and Related Books is one in which we offer 2000 books for free download. The standard for e-books or e-readers, at least the most popular is the ePub. Unfortunately or fortunately, all the books that come here provide the Public Domain site, where all books for download are in PDF.

However, this format, despite the difficulties offered (you can not resize the font, some tablets and e-readers does not offer an efficient way to find the pages or even mark them, etc) downloading books in PDF mode is still a good popular.

A complete list of 2000 books that I kept on site before leaving the page too heavy and difficult to carry. So, I preferred to reduce it to a hundred aproxiamdamente and the remaining books are in PDF on a link that lists all the works in order of most to least downloaded downloaded.

download books in pdf

To serve as a decoy, I leave to you a list of the most downloaded 10. Finally, a link to the books for download in PDF in the Public Domain.

  1. The Divine Comedy- Dante Alighieri
  2. Poems of Fernando Pessoa- Fernando Pessoa
  3. Message- Fernando Pessoa
  4. Dom Casmurro- Machado de Assis
  5. Unpublished Poems- Fernando Pessoa
  6. The Fortuneteller- Machado de Assis
  7. Songbook- Fernando Pessoa
  8. The Book of Disquiet- Fernando Pessoa
  9. The Portfolio- Machado de Assis
  10. The Loving Shepherd- Fernando Pessoa

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