eleições debate político
24 07

Revolution in political debates

All advocate the health, education, full employment, the efficiency of public transport and reducing the levels of violence. Without well-defined slope, as then choose a candidate if they choose not to cancel the vote in elections

debora colker - belle - 001
15 07

Entertainment Belle Deborah Colker in Guairão

Reaches Curitiba's newest spectacle of dancer and choreographer Deborah Colker, with two performances at Teatro Guaira in 19 20 and July (Saturday and Sunday). Sensuality and instinct permeate "Belle", slightly inspired by the work of French Romance

Beauty and necessity

When someone argues a point of view in terms of need, it is difficult to follow I get watching. Issues are difficult to refute. "Who needs to read poetry?", "Who needs dessert?", "Who needs to eat meat?", "Who need boyfriend" and

cara de pau
14 06

Publishers guys dick

Not today I get indecent proposals from publishers who want advertorials and in return, I would receive books.

Let me get this straight: I get a book (oh, my god, a book will win a book!) And for this, spent

garota alta
10 06

Big Girl

I was at a wedding last weekend. Before I sit down, when we were still in that phase as-long-as-there-will-things had already noticed her, hard not to notice. I'm a fairly tall guy, but the girl, no jumping,