186 Years of Leo Tolstoy


This week were completed 186 years since the birth of Leo Tolstoy, one of my favorite authors. Long engracei me with Russian literature and her very delicio me. It's a completely visceral literature that arrives to cause physical discomfort. With Tolstoy was no different as the "experienced" could

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School opens in writing Curitiba


With specialized and aimed at communicators courses, the School of Writing reaches state capital to challenge those who still dare to put words on a blank paper.

Writing is not easy. If it were, no one would go four years in college learning how to do this. Read, write, read more

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I confess that


Read short texts in social networks, like "my beans burned", "bought a new blouse", "'m too lazy to go to the gym" and, in my innocence, did not understand the motivation for people to share data of apparent irrelevance to any another being that they were not the authors of these religious messages.

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